Monday, September 28, 2009

Patty Coulter

Upon retiring from her position as a high school art teacher, Patty turned her attention to relief printmaking,concentrating on Linoleum Reduction Block Printing. Relief printmaking is where areas are cut out of a material, usually wood or linoleum blocks, using special tools. Printing ink is then rolled onto the surface of the block, paper is pressed on top and a barren is used to rub the ink onto the paper. The paper is pulled away from the block and the printed image is revealed. In the Reduction Method, each color is printed on top of the other, with a cutting away of the linoleum between printings to reveal the color below. All steps must be planned in advance, even the amount in the edition you will be printing, because there are no adjustments or turning back once the first cut is made.

" I am most influenced by the Japanese print makers and the Arts and Crafts Movement, mainly in style, subject matter, and composition. Linoleum Reduction Block Printing enables me to employ several artistic processes, from the preliminary drawings of subject matter to the interpretation of this drawing into a stylized image, from the use of all the specialized tools, to the mixing of the inks, to pulling of the final print of an edition. Although each print is pulled from the same block, each is slightly different, making each a surprise and each an original."

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