Friday, October 30, 2009

Peter Loose

Peter is an incredible artist and a dear friend. My family (and I mean all of us!) are collectors of his work. My boys' room is filled with his pieces that have been chosen specifically by them. Our walls seem "to talk" with the personalities of his creatures, and we always look forward to seeing what Peter will have up his sleeve!

Peter was born in Silver Springs, Maryland and has always been fascinated by nature. He spent his childhood splashing in creeks and hiking in the woods. As a result of his interests, he became a state park naturalist and a naturalist for the Audubon Society.

In 1986 he moved to Athens, Georgia to work at the Sandy Creek Nature Center. Shortly after moving to Georgia, he bought a set of water color paints and attempted to illustrate and produce a field guide to local wildlife. Frustrated with his 'messy painting' he quit, telling himself that "painting is too hard". About two years later a period of emotional stress and physical illness led Peter back to water colors. This time with no goal in mind he began to create strange little paintings dominated splotches of color on typing paper. Encouraged by friends and motivated by a constant will to paint, he soon switched to acrylics and store-bought canvas. The first of these, him as a fish, was completed in one evening during which the splotches of color turned into thickly applied dots and dashes. His strange little paintings had evolved into the whimsy he creates today.
We are so fortunate Peter calls Madison County home, and we are thrilled that he has participated with us since the market began four years ago. Stop by and see Peter November 14th. He loves to chat, and you'll enjoy listening to his stories!

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