Friday, October 23, 2009

Teresa Atkinson

Teresa is a friend who we've been trying to recruit for a couple of years now. She finally caved! Teresa offers such a large variety of items we've never offered before - so many items that you'll just have to come see! Please take a moment to welcome Teresa to our market this year.

in Teresa's own words:
I come from a long tradition of talented, creative people. I learned to crochet by watching over my Nanny's shoulder. My mom sews, quilts, and crochets and still makes incredibly beautiful things even though the stroke from three years ago left her with some limitations. I have always made things. The year I married and was college kid poor, I made all our Christmas ornaments out of wooden children's blocks. I don't sit still well, and with two athletes at my house, I have plenty of time to sit. So I keep a craft bag (survival kit) with me all the time. A lot of my creations are handwork created during ball games. My interests and creative endeavors are widely varied. I have stacks of notebooks and journals filled with inspiration - photos - quotes. "Angel words" and word/font art make me oh so very happy. Creating is as much a part of me as breathing. My studio is a renovated cotton house on our property that I convinced the man at my address to help me create. It's not fancy, but it is MINE (although I willingly share that space as often as I can.) I've been married 24 years. Molly is 19 and a sophomore at Piedmont College. Abby is 16 and a Junior at MCHS. I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP. Contact via email or blog:

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